Teamwork is part of the foundation of Corlasosa’s success and we experience this fact every single day to complete with success several projects where id required the contribution of different areas. We also believe that teamwork is vital to offer our customers the best solutions on the market, so we have partnerships with the following world leaders companies:



WEDO is a Portuguese company founded in 2001 with 400+ employees and has placed its products in more than 80 countries; our partnership with WeDo allows us to include in our Portfolio: RAID 7.0, worldwide leader solution in revenue assurance and fraud management control.

RAID  7.0



Since 2001 we have a partner relationship with Oracle, which allows us to provide Oracle licensing services and support among multiple Oracle platforms, including: database, SOA, Audit VAULT, weblogic, BI and Java JEE.

Oracle solutions



Pearson VUE is a multinational dedicated to the accreditation of large companies in different industries with a network of centers in 175+ countries. Our certification centers (verified by Pearson VUE) in Quito and Guayaquil are authorized to take exams in more than 70 technology companies, including: Microsoft, Oracle, ITIL, Cisco, SAP, among others.

Pearson VUE’s certifications



Paessler AG is a German company based in Nuremberg, in 1997 created the infrastructure monitoring solution PRTG; with 150K+ deployments in 60+ countries -including 70% of Fortune 100- PRTG is represented since 2015 in Ecuador by CORLASOSA.

Network Monitor, PRTG

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