Es el principal servicio de nuestro portafolio, con +15 años de maduración en las empresas más grandes del país.

Outsourcing software development and implementation of typical applications and services owned by others are highlighted in our portfolio;  we have more than 15 years of experience  building and implementing software for major companies and government institutions. The adoption of a development outsourcing scheme and software implementation arrangement radically changes the traditional roles of customers and suppliers, towards a new relationship of partner or partners, where both sides enhance their opportunities and strengths for mutual growth in the medium and long term.

Our Outsourcing

Currently, outsourcing is a trend in our industry with high growth rates, driven by the need to align more quickly the latest technologies to core business customer base, adapt internal processes to address constant government regulations, changing global market conditions, among others.

Our outsourcing service offers software development under different methodologies adapted to the needs of each client where we use best industry practices, including: the systematic application of programming standards, formal testing processes and clear and concise documentation. These processes are performed by qualified, experienced and constantly trained personnel.

According to the work arrangement that we establish with our clients, outsourcing can be executed on-site or remotely from our development centers located in Quito and Guayaquil, the same which has various mechanisms and security protocols to protect their information.

Principal Platforms

Our engineering team has experience and expertise in a wide range of IDE and technology platforms:


J2SE, JEE (ejb, cdi, jax-ws, jas-rs, jsf, jpa, xFaces), Jboss, JBPM, ESB, iDempiere.


SOA, ADF, ADF Mobile, Peoplesoft, Weblogic, Developer, Glassfish, IDE Jdeveloper

.NET (VB, C#, J#, ASPX), MVC3, Silverlight, Sharepoint.


Ajax, Android, Html 5, IDE Power Builder, IOS, UML, Netbeans, Nexus, C Ansi, Pro C, SoapUI, XML, Spring 3.0, awk, WordPress, perl, shell, php, Ant, maven, WS (axis2, xfire), Jquery UI.

Contact Us

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