We offer our customers database management executed by a team of highly specialized professionals with experience in companies that manage large volumes of information in critical environments.

Our DBA team is available 24 hours a day, year round, always ready to address any database emergency or planned activity.

Currently the profile of a DBA is scarce in the marketplace and highly priced. The large number of tasks that a DBA must cover often results in overtime for the IT staff;  there are also high costs to update their knowledge.  Based on all these problems, we offer our customers expert technical database support service, which covers the ones most used in the market (Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL) on different platforms (Linux, AIX, Solaris and Windows) engines. This way, customers will be able to increase the efficiency with which databases are managed, giving its team the freedom to concentrate on company business and its main goals.

Support hours contract

We offer an hours contract of specialized database support that usually lasts one year, during this time we provide preventive services agreed with the customer, such as periodic maintenance, quarterly backups checking, bi-monthly clusters checks (high availability), among other activities.

Our support contract also includes a pool of hours for the implementation of corrective activities in case problems arise from blocked users,  FRA review, OEM verification,  product (Oracle or MySQL) bugs, repair corrupt database segments, trouble in loading the database or server, problems with backups, solution to SQL statements injection, poor application performance, among others.

It is important to note we include a service level agreement (SLA) to help indicate times and  priorities to be used during the engagement. 

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