Our advice enables you to change software delivery processes and improve traceability of each component to build and publish new versions with just a click.

We offer a variety of products that accelerate the deployment of their applications to improve their production and delivery times.

Today businesses expect their technology department to reduce the delivery time of new applications and release cycles of upgrades or updates. This is critical especially for highly competitive markets that revolve around the delivery of services, such as telecommunications, banking and retail chains.

Continuous software delivery is a model divided into phases, each one implemented with several tools, which allows your IT team to perform deployments of software components to production in short cycles but going through some stages of quality assurance. Internationally there are well-known cases of implementation of continuous software delivery by large companies, such as, Flickr, Facebook and Amazon which releases a version every 11.6 seconds, on average. In Ecuador there are two well-known success cases of continuous software delivery:  The SRI (local national tax authority, “IRS”) and CLARO (telecommunications), the latter with participation of CORLASOSA specialists.

Importance of Continuous Software Delivery

FOR DEVELOPERS: The practices of continuous software delivery allow the developer to have environments similar to production, where automated and controlled testing can be made.  Software development under these conditions is less stressful because it offers a more productive and creative environment for the personnel involved.

FOR IT MANAGERS: They have tools that enable them to minimize the impact of any complex change requested by users of business applications, especially those that must remain available 24 hours, year around.

FOR UPPER MANAGEMENT: It is much safer to adapt to changes in the industry when critical company applications are mounted on a model of continuous delivery. Although the implementation of a continuous software delivery mode is not easy, once your company adopts it, delivery time of its web applications and customer service decreases dramatically and allows you to keep several steps ahead of your competition

Por dónde empezar?

  • Implemente un versionador de Código, absolutamente todo debe ser versionado
  • Verifique que el código funcione, agregue pruebas automatizadas durante el desarrollo sin importar que no abarquen el 100% los casos
  • Administre sus servidores con herramientas de configuración automática
  • Monitoree y registre todo, realmente no es posible mejorar lo que no se puede medir

Fig. Fases en la implementación de un modelo de Entrega Continua de Software

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