In this section we describe the main services of our “factory”, including the development of customized software, implementation of our own applications, third-party consulting to implement models of quality assurance software and consultancy to help customer’s IT department adopt a model of continuous software deployment to its production environment.

Our software factory is certified under ISO 9001: 2008 Standard.

The great technological innovation of the last decade has changed market conditions and imposed new challenges on businesses: local companies face foreign competitors that force them to raise their standards; social networking encourages interaction between companies and customers; the mobility of users of technology and the exponential increase due to the volume of data (big data), encourage companies to look to software factories for viable solutions to meet their customer  expectations.

Our factory started operations in 2002 and currently provides service coverage to the telecommunications, banking industry, food, automotive, and retail consumer chains. Corlasosa staff is recognized in the market for its technological expertise and commitment to implementing projects within the deadlines under agreed upon quality standards.

We offer all the services that make up the life cycle of software: a) Lifting process and scope for RFP, b) Software development, c) Quality Assurance (QA) services, d) Tuning application, e) Advice on automating software deployment processes to production, f) Support and help desk

The commercial relationship between Corlasosa and our customers is secured by a "Specialized Technical Services Software” (STES) contract, with which we are committed to providing software production which can be determined in two arrangements: outsourcing of hours/man or specific software components (apps/modules) delivered to the customer.

Success stories from our Software Factory

Our experience has been gained by serving a number of the more recognized companies in their field:


  • Our software factory allows you to innovate faster in your market; acquire and implement technologies before your competition.
  • It gives flexibility and rapid scalability, so your business can grow and adapt without worrying about quality.
  • By sending their needs to our software factory, companies save costs, reduce spending on staff salaries, social security benefits, upgrade of physical installations, licenses, physical space and others.
  • With our software factory companies have a quick answer to execute their projects, thanks to our staff experience and expertise.

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