Utilice una solución especializada para controlar las fugas y pérdidas en su negocio de retails

In an industry that faces a reduced profit margin and high competition, business success is driven by product innovation, renovation of premises, customer service and supply chain.

In this industry, RAID focuses on monitoring business operation almost-real-time implementation of controls in the main processes and setting up alerts to relevant management officers.
The key components of RAID in retail chains are:

  • Inventory control - Optimal levels, availability, alerts.
  • Control of goods. Promotions, pricing, new product introduction.
  • Contratos de proveedores y ofertas.
  • Prevention of fraud. Gift cards, vouchers, returns and other risk points.
  • Customer analysis. Control loyalty card, monitor dropout rates.
  • Costos y Gastos de control - Comunicaciones, energía, gastos de viaje, flota de transporte.

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